Curious about how to boost antenna signals in your area? Check out below.

Watching television has and will always be everyone’s favorite pastime. No matter how old you are or what you do for a living, television will always be a part of your life.

Imagine watching a thriller or a mystery movie, and pixelations come out during the most thrilling part of the show. Wouldn’t that frustrate you and make you feel like throwing your television out the window?

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Some of us are still using TV antennas. And due to that, we know how essential an antenna is to have good reception. Because as simple as having rainy weather can cause a glitch in your show which can be frustrating.

Boosting Your TV Antenna Signal

It is imperative to know different ways to boost antenna signals. This is so that you won’t have to wait for the repairman to come and fix the antenna signals for you.

Reset your digital tuner

Resetting your tuner can reset the signal that your television is getting. Therefore, giving it new data that your television recognizes and converting it into a digital format. When resetting your digital tuner, you can try disconnecting the coaxial cable from your television and run the channel scan on your television. Turn off and unplug your television or your converter box, then reconnect all the wires. Do another channel scan until you get the channel of your choice.

Put your antenna in a higher place

When experiencing poor reception, adjust your antenna and make sure it points at a transmission tower. In addition, try doing a channel scan after adjusting your antenna and check if it has improved your reception. If your reception still doesn’t improve, you need to readjust your antenna until you find THAT perfect spot.

Place your antenna at the window and aim your antenna towards the transmission towers

Afterward, mount your antenna on the side of your house, with the front end facing the transmission tower. You have to make sure that you clear a path from your antenna to the transmission towers because an obstruction can cause poor reception.

Check to see if your stations are close to each other

Or positioned in different directions around you so you can choose the type of antenna that would be perfect for your area. This way, you can maximize your antenna and get the best signals and the best results.

Watch out for sources of interference that could be close to your antenna and disrupt your signal

Electrical appliances like microwave ovens, hairdryers, or dishwashers may distort your TV signal. When your pictures blackout on TV, it is time to check if your wires don’t intersect closely with your TV antenna.

Check if there are reflective surfaces in your area

Things made of metal like burglar bars and bug screens on your window may block the reception. You can make sure to put a distance of at least six feet between these and your antenna. Check if your reception improves after doing so.

Install an antenna signal booster

An antenna signal booster extends TV station broadcast coverage into your home, giving you access to beautifully clear digital television shows. It is commonly used in areas that have many obstructions around them. Trees, mountains, or tall buildings in cities can sometimes block TV signals and cause poor reception.

Install a second antenna

Your first antenna may not be getting a good signal, and moving it to a higher place may not be possible because you have already tried it, but it still does not work. Getting a second antenna makes sure that you are getting signals from different transmission towers. Your TV can choose the best signal for each station, and you won’t have to worry about pixelations while watching your favorite show.

Call an expert

After working hard during the day, you deserve to relax. Let someone else worry about your antenna problems. They know what to do more than you do. Calling them can save you, your precious time off that you can spend watching your favorite show and eating that freshly popped popcorn.

Sydney Cabling ( is the expert that you need to call in times of antenna problems. If you are looking for someone who can boost antenna signals, then you are in the right place. They specialize in antenna installations and antenna repairs with over thirteen years of experience. Completing more than 40,000 successful repairs in the Greater Sydney Region, there is no doubt who I am going to call when I need antenna repairs or even to boost antenna signals.


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