As we ring in the new year, there are a lot of old stuff at home that we want to change or replace. As they say, out with the old, in with the new! Among the often neglected things to replace or just even check at home are cable TV antennas. We usually forget about our antennas after they were installed and remember to check these installations once we experience signal loss or weak transmissions.

How do we know that your cable TV antenna is up for repair or replacement?

Though most aerial TV antennas these days are durable and could last for years, or even decades, it wouldn’t hurt to check your antennas every once in a while. It will be safe for you to check on them especially when you experience the following tell-tale signs of antenna aging and signal disruption.

Old antennas. You would know if your antenna is up for repair or replacement if it’s been with you for a very long time. Checking if it still is correctly placed or  and you seldom check if it’s still in the correct placement or if it’s affected by external conditions in your area such as wind and rain among others.

Nearby constructions or other installations in your building. If you see recent construction near your area or you have other installations in your building such as solar panels, CCTVs, etc., it is best to check your cable TV antenna if it’s been affected by these factors. There is a possibility that the structures or other installations obstruct transmission signals or that dust and small construction debris will be collected in your aerial antenna and will affect signal reception.

Loss of signal at start-up. If there’s signal loss when you turn on your TV, that’s a sign that something needs to be repaired or that you need to replace it completely. It is unusual for your cable TV to search for a signal upon start-up that’s why signal loss is a strong indicator that there is something wrong with your antenna.

Snowing screen or freezing images. If you frequently experience a white screen with a hissing sound or when your favorite show suddenly freezes mid-scene it is time to have your antenna checked either by you or by a professional because most likely, there is a problem with your aerial TV antenna.

Cable TV channels that are not working. If you are paying for cable TV with multiple channels and only a few channels are working, check your cable TV antenna first and your surrounding area to determine if there are any signal obstructions nearby like another building, trees, other antennas or installations before calling your local cable TV antenna professional technicians.

No matter what the signs are of your antenna’s wear-and-tear, you should regularly check your outdoor cable TV antenna to avoid these inconveniences and for uninterrupted TV viewing. If you assess that your antenna needs a major repair or it needs to be replaced completely, call your friendly local cable TV antenna technicians. They are skilled professionals that know exactly how to assess what needs to be fixed with your antenna.

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