NBN or The National Broadband Network of the Australian Government was 90% completion in February 2020. It provides open access to data networks all throughout Australia. This network or technological infrastructure is designed to include both wired and radio communication signals across the country.

Internet service providers (ISPs) and retail service providers (RSPs) sign in a contract with NBN to obtain access to the NBN and in turn, offer this access to fixed, reliable and high-speed internet to users.

The Technology of NBN

The main mode of transmitting data is through the use of very thin strands of glass or plastic called Fibre Optic. The use of this material enables the coverage to reach longer distances thus offering greater coverage through the continent.

The other, more traditional techniques involved in NBN is the transmission of data through microwave signals via terrestrial or land-based format. This is called fixed wireless.

If your area is not accessible by either fibre optic or fixed wireless, the satellite broadband technology comes into play. This technology uses a satellite dish in sending high-speed broadband data to areas that are not reached by fibre and fixed wireless.

With the NBN network, all three technologies can be connected and more, to ensure stable, reliable and high-speed internet data. For instance, the range of technology that can ride on the NBN network includes both wired (fibre optic, wired, hybrid fibre-coaxial) and radio telecommunications technology (fixed wireless and satellite).

How can you get connected to NBN?

Check if NBN has rolled out in your area

Firstly, you have to wait for NBN Co.’s notification of NBN’s availability in your area. NBN will send out a written notice as to when your current internet connection from your current provider will be cut-off. Afterwards, your current ISP or internet service provider will also notify you about the impending shift to NBN. Once you have been notified, you will have 18 months to connect and apply for an NBN plan. After that 18-month period, your existing connection – ADSL, copper connections and landline will be cut-off. 18 months is ample time to help you decide the internet plan that you will get for your internet needs.

Determine the connection type that’s laid out for you

NBN Co. has an NBN tracker where you can just put in your address and it will tell you the connection type that’s rolled out in your area.

The NBN transmits most of its data through fibre connections because it is the most practical and efficient when it comes to transmitting high-speed data. There are three different types of NBN fibre connections: Fibre to the premises (FTTP), Fibre to the building (FTTB), Fibre to the curb (FTTC) and Fibre to the node (FTTN).

If a fibre optic connection is not available in your area, you can still be connected via Hybrid Fibre Co-axial (HFC) or fixed wireless or satellite.

Compare plans and providers and determine what works for your internet needs

Once you know the technology or type of connection that’s laid out in your vicinity, you can now determine the plan and provider that you are going to subscribe to. The factors to consider when choosing a plan depends on how you are using the internet. For example, is it just for a household with normal usage, work-from-home use, commercial use, etc? According to what you are going to use the internet for, you may determine the speed, data usage, length of the contract, phone bundle and the plan cost that is most amenable to your needs.

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Determining the plan that will work for you is the hardest part of the process. You need to do extensive research and put in all your considerations before entering the contract with your chosen provider.

Get Ready for Installation

Once you have entered that contract with your NBN provider, there are only a few steps left in the process. You are now ready to make an appointment for installation. A licensed NBN technician will then finalize installation on your property. The installation will only take a few hours and your connection will be fully activated within 48-72 hours. Once your connection becomes active, you may now connect your modem or network termination box and you’re all set! Learn more about our NBN technician information.


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