Installing a cable TV antenna is a hard enough task for anyone who is not a professional aerial installer, that’s why installing them with external factors affecting the process is even harder. Imagine having to install a TV antenna when it’s snowing or drizzling or the sun is at its peak.

Since Australia goes through all four seasons, there are definitely pros and cons in conducting installations during each of the seasons. December to February are the summer months in Sydney and are therefore a relatively good time to make sure that your TV antenna is in place to watch all those holiday movies with your family.

Easy TV Antenna Installation Steps

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed! And while other countries are enjoying the snow, Australia has the sun’s rays to celebrate the holidays with. Without the slippery snow or drizzle, it is a fairly good time to install or at least check existing TV antennas at home.

  1. Determine the best antenna for your location. Is it going to be indoor or outdoor? If it’s going to be an outdoor antenna, where is it going to be installed?
  2. Survey your area. It may help to look at your neighbors’ antenna’s direction to know where the best reception is.
  3. Prepare all the tools or materials that you need beforehand. To cut off the number of times going up and down that ladder, prepare everything you need before installation.
  4. Make sure you eliminate signal barriers. Install your antenna away from power lines, metal objects and other signal obstructions like other buildings, trees, etc.
  5. Consider using a TV antenna booster if your signal is still weak after eliminating obstructions.

Safety Precautions for Summer Installations

Though summer is a fairly safe time for TV antenna installations, there are some things you need to look out for when installing your cable TV antenna during the summer season.

Wear the proper working attire during the summer season. Wear light clothes to prevent you from overheating but with strong fabric to protect you as well. Same as with any season, make sure your ladder is sturdy and safe. You might also want to wear something to protect your eyes like work goggles, sunglasses or a cap, or sun visor.

It is also best to start working early while the sun is not so hot yet. This way, you will not suffer from a heat stroke and you’ll be able to work well at a comfortable temperature.

Professional Cable TV Antenna Installer For All Seasons

No matter what the season is, it is always best to hire professional cable TV antenna installers to do the job for you. Having them ensures your safety and the best possible signal reception for your cable TV that’s time and money efficient.

Sydney Cabling is your best choice for cable TV antenna installation in the greater Sydney area. They are a team of licensed technicians that specialize in antenna installation, repair and maintenance. Book an appointment now to have a technician survey your area prior to installing your aerial TV antenna.