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General Information

Network is a group of computers, mainframes, network devices, peripherals and devices that are connected together, allow them to share information.

  • Local network (LAN) is a network which served by a single router in a specific location. It connects computers within small area like a residence, school, laboratory or office building.
  • Internet is a world-wide network (WAN). It connects a huge geographic area.

Speed might be an issues with your home or business internet and you should be discussed with your service provider first. If you are subscribed to your NBN provider then it might be the package.
Call your provider and ask if the NBN in your area has been installed directly to your place with a fiber optic cable. As per recent report the government’s NBN project ran out of funds so the fiber optic cables that enable super-fast internet speeds are only being run to the street corner. The remain part to your home is utilizing the existing cable infrastructure, as a result poor internet speeds. Please feel free to get in contact with us for advice or if you have any questions.

Most of the time network problem comes from the cabling. Check the network connection on your computer.
Also Check your computer is connected to the right AP. It connects other computers in your network as well as providing access to the Internet via your ISP.
Unplug your modem, wait for few seconds and plug it again.

Internet connection include wired and wireless connections or both.
It can be your router problem, whether it is your home network or other network.

Lets try the following steps to see if it can fix your problem.

  • Check the network icon or wireless connection settings. Make sure your network adapter is on. Go to Settings Network & Internet Wi-Fi. Switch Wi-Fi to the On position.
  • Check your wide area network and local area network connections.
  • Check network cables if your computer is wired to the router.
  • Reset your router.

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If you need help to solve your NBN network problem at your property. Sydney Cabling is the team to trust.
One of our technicians will inspect your current NBN connection. They will perform network testing and provide a complete report about your problem in just minutes. Its our attention to detail that you will be impressed with.

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Our experienced technicians will diagnose and provide the fastest solution to get your internet access back up and running smoothly. There are Our licensed technicians have the right tool to discover what the fault might be.

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