Residential TV Antenna Installation Services

Most residential homes have different antenna configurations depending on the angle and positioning of the receiving antenna. A professional installer is best suited for residential TV antenna installation for it to work perfectly.

This is why we use precision and technical knowledge by expert technicians who will survey your property. Not only can hiring an installation company such as Sydney Cabling to get you better reception, but it’s also a much safer option due to our customer care services and our same day response services.

Antennas are often placed at the peak of rooftops, where they can get clear access to the signal. In some cases, homeowners have caused greater issues trying to install new antennas themselves. Often roofs are too steep to climb without enough safety equipment and enough knowledge and experience for a DIY job. Instead of climbing the roof yourself and risking injury, call Sydney Cabling installers who can both reach the best angle and safely secure the antenna to your home.


Home Antenna Installation and repair services

Our technicians are trained to account for any possible environmental factors as they install the right antenna in the best location to optimise your signal strength. We do our absolute best to ensure minimal downtime and minimal fuss when it comes to replacing or repairing your antenna.


  • Australian-made antennas

  • Highest quality standard

  • Up to 3 Year Warranty

  • Professional technicians

  • Reasonable prices

  • Best customer care & service

  • Free Quotation

  • Free advice on all antenna matters

  • Free signal test of current digital antenna


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