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Don’t let your meetings and streams spoil by the low wifi coverage. A quick and dependable Internet connection is necessary whether using it for work or pleasure.

From business and school to pleasure and staying in contact with friends and family, we rely heavily on the Internet. It should thus come as no surprise that having sluggish or inconsistent WiFi may be quite annoying for the entire household.

At Sydney cabling and networking, we are proud to stock the best brands in the industry, such as Netgear and TP-Link to ensure you have the perfect device that suits your needs and allows for the best possible performance. With a large range of quality wifi extenders, you can rest assured that we provide products that not only work efficiently but also look great in any home or office environment.

Having internet or WiFi issues?

Having a weak internet connection can be a nightmare. Whether you’re trying to work from home, stream a movie or game, or watch a streamed show on Netflix, having poor wifi can be incredibly frustrating. We’re here to help! Sign up for WiFi Booster today and get the fastest speeds possible (up to 3x faster than what you have now) so that you can enjoy your favourite shows in no time!

Sydney Cabling serves residential and commercial clients seeking a complete WIFI service. From the setup to full configuration, we can provide you with the best WIFI solution. Our network consultants will install your new network and configure your devices.

Don’t let slow Wi-Fi hold you back from a good workflow.

In the fast-paced digital age, a seamless and efficient workflow is crucial for productivity, and slow Wi-Fi can be a significant hindrance to that progress. The frustration of waiting for pages to load, files to upload or download, and interruptions in video conferences due to a lagging connection can impede one’s ability to maintain focus and meet deadlines. A reliable and swift Wi-Fi connection is more than just a convenience; it is an essential tool that empowers individuals and businesses to navigate the demands of a connected world with ease. By ensuring a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure, users can optimize their workflow, enhance collaboration, and ultimately achieve their tasks and goals with greater efficiency. As technology continues to advance, addressing and overcoming the challenges of slow Wi-Fi becomes paramount in unlocking the full potential of our digital capabilities.

We are experts in:

  • Identifying and fixing WiFi dead spots
  • Commercial WiFi Solutions for offices, warehouses, and retail installation of fixed wireless 4G/5G antennas

  • NBN and telephone cabling installation and maintenance, as well as NBN modem relocation

  • Wifi point-to-point connections between properties and buildings

  • Installation of data points that are hard-wired Wireless access point setup and installation for extended Wifi Coverage

  • Help with Wi-Fi infrastructure

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