There may be times when the show you are watching is choppy or the pictures may be pixelated. That is because whenever the TV signal travels, it bounces off things it hits like mountains, high buildings, and trees. Those TV signals that bounce off can reach your antenna, confusing your TV’s tuner.

If your TV’s tuner picks up different bounced signals, it will become confused and the resulting signal fluctuates and produces a choppy TV picture. The reception becomes clear when it picks a clear signal and drops again when another “confused signal” gets to it.

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Another possible reason for this interference is bad weather. Bad weather causes different signals to be received by your antenna and this can cause problems such as pixelation or poor reception. This co-channel interference is called tropospheric ducting.

Simple Antenna Repairs Guide

When these things happen, you can check out this helpful guide for simple antenna repairs:

Check your cable connection with the converter box if they are correctly in place and if there aren’t any loose wires.

To detect the TV signal, set your TV to the most commonly used channel like Channel 3 or 4 and check if your TV show is better. You can also try to perform an auto or manual scan of TV channels so you can see if your TV antenna can now capture different signals properly.

Replace the RF cable of your antenna if it is worn out.

This cable is connected from your antenna to the TV and if it is frayed, it can disrupt the availability of a smooth transmission and signal, thus disrupting your favorite TV show.

Check the antenna position and try to adjust it until you find the position with the best picture quality.

If you are still unsatisfied with your picture quality, try putting the antenna higher to at least thirty feet. Putting up the antenna higher can lessen interference and get stronger signals due to its heights.

If you want, you can install signal boosters to increase signal strength from your antenna to the converter box.

This can lessen interferences and can help give you a clear reception. If you have signal boosters, make sure that the power supply of your signal booster is plugged in and turned on.

If you are using an indoor aerial antenna, try to reposition your antenna and keep it beside the window to lessen the blockage and get a stronger, continuous signal.

Make sure your TV antenna is not near your computer because computers interrupt the signal flow to the converter box.

Call the experts.

It will save you time and money. I am very sure that after a hard day at work, you would want to relax in front of your TV set and wouldn’t want to be bothered with fixing your antennas. It will also save you money because when you do something wrong when fixing your antenna and ends up damaging something, you may have to replace the entire set rather than just a part.

Aside from that, you may hurt yourself climbing up the roof to get the highest height with the best reception. By hiring the experts, they will already know where the problem is and fix it immediately. Aside from that, they already have all the necessary tools needed to fix your antenna which you don’t have.

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