When people hear about installation, they instantly think that it’s going to be very expensive. That is because the work most likely is going to be done by licensed professionals. With Sydney Cabling, we provide quality service that’s worth your money. Nevertheless, let’s find out how much TV antenna installation costs below.

How then do we provide excellent service to our clients without them breaking the bank?

The secret is, knowing the exact type of antenna that is uniquely required by every customer. There are a lot of factors that determine the kind of antenna that you need for your home or your office.

These factors are what professionals easily identify thus knowing what and how to install the perfect antenna for you. It saves our clients lots of time and money because installation is done professionally requiring minimal maintenance or repairs.

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Factors to consider in determining the right type of antenna for you

Your Location and Proximity to a Transmission Tower

Different types of antennas best suit residential and commercial areas. This determines if you would require an indoor or outdoor antenna, a high mast or extended mast antenna, and so on. Your proximity to a transmission tower also determines the power needed by your antenna to receive enough signals. This is so it can deliver high-quality pictures and also know if it will require a uni-directional or multi-directional antenna type.

Quality and strength of the signal in your location

Choosing the right antenna for you is also determined by the quality and strength of the signals received in your location. This determines if you require Very High Frequency (VHF) or Ultra High Frequency (UHF) or a combination type of antenna.

The radio frequency signals transmitted by your cable TV antenna are measured in megahertz. If your antenna emits stable signals in high frequencies, then a VHF or a UHF is required. On the other hand, if the frequencies vary, a combiner or splitter may be used instead.

Types of devices connected to your antenna

Taking into consideration the type and model of TV connected to your antenna, as well as the receiver that comes with it. This will also determine if you will be needing a digital or an analogue antenna. Analogue antennas transmit radio frequencies through the airwaves while digital transmission antennas transmit signals in compressed data in the form of digital packets.

Certain models of TV and cable TV receivers may require analogue transmission, others, especially the new models, require digital-type antennas.

The quality of the parts or materials used in your antenna

The quality of the parts of your antenna also determines the durability and efficacy of the antenna in the reception of signals over time. There are different parts of an antenna in every type. But the most common ones are the antenna director, reflector, coaxial base, and the antenna base or antenna stand.

The parts or materials used must be of premium quality that can withstand elements such as extreme heat, strong winds, etc. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of money on maintenance or repairs.

Once all these factors are considered, you can leave the worrying to our trusted cable TV antenna technicians. Because they are here to install, maintain or repair your TV antenna for you at reasonable rates. With certainly guaranteed excellence, professional services, and customer-friendly service.

What are the common reasons why you should call a professional cable technician?

People contact their local cable TV technician for various reasons and benefits. The most common reasons why you should call a professional antena installer are the following:

Reason 1: Installation

It is advisable that a professional handle antenna installation for you from the get-go. This is to ensure that there are few to no issues regarding your antenna in the future. Having a professional do the installation for you ensures proper installation as well as, safety.

Reason 2: Transfer of Location of Existing Antenna

There are times when people do home or office renovation, they also need to relocate their existing antenna. It can also be that the current location of their antenna is not getting the best reception that’s why they need to move it somewhere nearer the transmission tower.

Reason 3: Repair of Damaged Antenna or Replacement of Antenna Parts

Due to its age or usage, sometimes antennas need repair or replacement. A professional cable TV antenna knows what needs to be fixed or replaced almost immediately after checking your worn-out apparatus.

Reason 4: Natural Occurrence

When your area gets hit by natural disasters like typhoons, hurricanes, etc., antennas are among the infrastructures that get severely hit. They are either displaced or totally damaged. For optimal safety, you must let your professional cable TV antenna technician handle the matter.

Reason 5: Minor DIYs on your Antenna

Some antennas, the simple ones, like the indoor type are quite manageable. You can do minor installation or repair but you can still consult with a professional technician for free just to be 100% sure and safe.

TV Antenna Installation Costs In Sydney?

The rates for our services in Sydney are on a case-to-case basis. The price range is usually somewhere between 350-450 AUD depending on the work that needs to be done. Our customer service is usually able to quote the amount for the works to be done once they have an idea of what type of cable TV antenna to be installed and where. There are times though that one of our technicians need to do a site inspection first just to be sure of the type of work that needs to be done.

Doing the antenna installation on my own?

If you want to complete the installation yourself, then the big cost is purchasing the antenna, which is usually 180 AUD or less, but could go up to 300 AUD. Renting a ladder for the day could add another $50 to your project.

Professional Antenna Installer

Consultation is always free of charge and a follow-up check-up after the installation, maintenance or repair is usually bundled with the services we provide.

Contact Sydney Cabling now for a FREE consultation and we will determine what type of cable TV antenna is required in your area for your specific device. We will help you save time and money by installing only the precise and quality antenna for you!


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