Right when you get to the most exciting part of what you are watching, you suddenly lost your TV signal or got poor reception. Aside from the fact that it is annoying, it might also be your cue to have your antenna checked by a professional technician.

Poor Antenna Reception vs. TV Signal Interference, What’s the Difference?

Poor antenna reception happens when your cable tv antenna is unable to pick up sufficient radio frequencies or signals. These signals are then delivered to the cable TV channels you are subscribed to.

TV signal interference, on one hand, is when another signal or frequency from another device is interfering with your antenna’s radio waves. Thus, causing the images on your TV to be distorted.

What are the causes of poor antenna reception or interference in the TV signal?

There are lots of factors that may cause poor reception or signal interference from your cable TV antenna. The location of your antenna, your actual location, your proximity to a transmission tower, bad weather, faulty antenna, and so on. These are just some of the possible reasons why you have bad TV reception.

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Power lines, electrical appliances, antenna signal boosters from neighbors, and magnets. These are just some of the radio frequencies that interfere with your antenna’s signal and disrupt your TV viewing.

How to Avoid Poor Reception and Signal Interference

Before choosing your cable TV provider, do extensive research on who has the best signal in your area.

It is best and safest that your antenna is installed by a licensed professional antenna technician. This is to know where and how to properly install your cable TV antenna. Licensed technicians would know where is the best place to install your antenna.

Cable TV antenna technicians would know the right height and elevation for our antenna to get the best reception. Also, the correct placement of antenna where it could obtain a “clear line of sight” to the nearest transmission tower.

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Professional technicians would also know where to point the antenna to get an accurate source of frequency signals.

TV antenna technicians would also know how to protect your antenna from elements. Which includes, extreme heat, strong winds, wires, tree branches, other buildings, etc. They would also know if there are antenna parts that need replacement or maintenance.

A good cable TV antenna technician would also remove nearby electrical appliances that interfere with your cable TV signal. These appliances also generate bursts of frequencies causing unstable reception. Examples of these are microwave ovens, heaters, washing machines, power construction tools, etc. Even street lights, power lines, or another signal booster could interfere with your signal. They would advise you to have these devices or appliances placed far from your TV antenna.

These factors that cause poor reception and signal interference are not easily identified by someone who is not a licensed technician. This is why it is best and always the safest, to have a professional do the antenna work for you. Whether the installation is for a residential or commercial area.

Calling a professional will save you a lot of time, money and from the hazardous task of antenna installation and repair.


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