When Do You Need to Call a Cable TV Antenna Technician

Just because people often think that by merely moving a TV antenna their reception would go back to normal, does not mean that cable TV antenna repair or installation isn’t a serious business. Cable TV antenna maintenanance or repair may seem easy to look at but it requires technical know-how and safety measures that is why you need a professional technician to do the job.

These are the common concerns that Sydney Cabling receives from customers all over Sydney.

Installation of TV Antenna

People who buy new TV sets usually call in for a technician to install their TV aerial. There are also those who relocate to a new place or have a new room built in their house. So, they can move their TV sets to a new location to get the best possible signal for their new TV or from their new location.

Intermittent Signal

One common problem that people call in a technician for is the loss of signal. There are lots of reasons why people experience intermittent signal loss. It may be that they are located far from the transmission tower, it may be a faulty antenna, etc. Whatever it is, they consult with a technician so a professional can have a look and determine the problem.

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Repair of Antenna

Sometimes, due to external factors or normal wear and tear, the antenna requires fixing to function properly. A technician can check the TV antenna set first to see the extent of damage and what repair needs to be done and if there are parts that need to be replaced.

Parts replacement may also be due to a new TV unit. It must be determined which parts are compatible with the new unit.

Natural Causes

When an area is hit by a natural disaster such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc. chances are, along with infrastructures, your tv antenna gets displaced or broken because of natural force. It is extremely dangerous to try and fix this yourself. That’s the reason why you have to call for a technician to avoid electrocution or other hazards.

Minor Antenna Remedies You Can Do

There are some immediate remedies you can do with your antenna that do not require a technician but only if you are dealing with simple, indoor antennas.

If you still want to do minor work done on your antenna by yourself, you have to follow safety precautions to avoid accidents.

  1. Plan your antenna installation or repair carefully.
  2. Survey the location of your antenna beforehand. Check its height from the ground and its surrounding if there are nearby infrastructure, windows, trees, or any other obstructions that need to be cleared before you start working.
  3. Determine the amount of work to be done once you’ve surveyed the area. Prepare the tools that you need. Do not overstuff your workbag but don’t understuff it either so you don’t have to climb up and down unnecessarily.
  4. Use a ladder that is sturdy, commercial-grade, and non-conductive. It should have a wide and anti-slip base.
  5. Check the weather before you work on your antenna. Make sure that it is not too hot or that it is not going to rain or snow or windy when you work on site.
  6. Avoid power lines and other obstructive objects. Avoid climbing roofs that are curled or shingled and do not step on roof valleys (where roofs meet) because they are most probably weak, even on those houses that are newly-built.
  7. Wear the right, weather-appropriate, working clothes. You will mostly need clothes that will protect you from the heat or electric current. Also, wear rubber-soled shoes or boots.
  8. Assign a helper or “spotter” when you make the climb towards your antenna. You need a different point of view to anticipate possible hazardous incidents. Brief your “spotter” thoroughly before you start working on your antenna.
  9. Follow the instruction manual to a tee. They exist to keep you safe and for the work to be done right.
  10. When all of these seem confusing or risky, do not hesitate to immediately call for a professional technician to do the work for you.

It is always best and safe, to have a professional technician to handle all your cable TV antenna concerns.


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