Storms are common in Sydney areas, especially thunderstorms, and there are many things to be concerned about during thunderstorms. One of them is the type of TV antenna that is safest in a thunderstorm because we have to admit it, TV antennas are affected by the storm too.

The common question people ask is what type of TV antenna is safest in a storm. Are outdoor antennas safe, considering they are outside during thunderstorms? Are indoor antennas better? The safest antenna to use during a thunderstorm is an indoor one, but it does not mean an outdoor one is not as safe.

Outdoor antennas are equally safe during thunderstorms as long as they are properly grounded. It does not matter if you have a traditional or dipole antenna on your roof or one of the new plastic-covered smaller antennas. Either antenna has an equal chance of being struck by lightning. So even if the common misconception of people is that the bare metal of the dipole antenna would make it attract lightning more, it isn’t entirely true. You may also think larger antennas are more susceptible to lightning strikes because of their larger surface area than smaller ones; it does not apply either.

Any piece of a metal antenna on your roof that is not grounded correctly will be a hazard, no matter what. A lightning strike is possible if there is enough potential energy in the air. It does not matter how much plastic is covering your metal antennas or how small the surface of your antenna is. The lightning will find something close enough with low resistance unless you ensure your antennas are correctly grounded.

Properly grounded antennas are safer. This is because a grounded antenna will channel smaller amounts of electricity into the ground, distributing the electricity. In addition, it may stop the electricity’s static buildup, which may lead to a lightning strike. If a lightning strike happens, as much energy as possible will be directed into the ground if antennas are grounded. Therefore, grounding antennas can prevent problems from occurring.

Lightning will strike, one way or another, especially in Sydney areas. Proper grounding is vital for minimizing the effects of a lightning strike. If the only path for a lightning strike’s electricity is through your TV antenna and your antennas are not properly grounded, you are in big trouble. To prevent TV or other electrical equipment damage, you must adequately ground your antennas.

Grounding rules and ordinances may vary from town to town, but it is often a simple task of running a ground wire from your antenna to a cold water pipe. Of course, sometimes, you will need to go into a grounding rod. But most times, the best way is to let the experts do it for you. You will save yourself the trouble of doing it and doing it wrongly at the chance of hurting yourself!

Indoor antennas are the safest antennas to use during thunderstorms. You will find that today’s indoor antennas are much more powerful than they used to be. You can use a small outdoor antenna and mount it inside if you don’t want to put it up on the roof. If you are unsure what type of antenna you need, ask for professional help.

You can also install lightning arresters in your home to protect your home and equipment from lightning surges. It is typically installed near appliances of potential entry points to divert the lightning to the ground, where it will disperse harmlessly. It does not stop lightning strikes; however, it gives the lightning a safe route to travel to the ground, rather than going through your electrical devices. In simpler terms, it acts as a detour for dangerous electricity.

There are many ways to protect your antenna from being a lightning magnet, but it might be more dangerous when you do it wrongly. So rather than doing it yourself and potentially getting hurt if done wrongly, let the experts do it for you.

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