Satellite Disk

It is the onset of spring in Sydney and it is probably the best time to have your cable TV antenna installed or checked for repairs. Why is the spring season the best time to do installation or maintenance checks? Spring in Sydney means that the weather is not too hot or too wet. That is why it is both safe and convenient for cable TV antenna installers to do installation or repairs.

The climate in Sydney is generally sub-tropical, with a great deal of humidity and relatively mild summers and winters. This doesn’t mean that there is an absence of extreme days such as strong winds, flash floods, hailstorms and heavy snow. The spring season is the transition from the weather being too cold and wet to that comfortable mix of warmth and cold before the summer season.

It is important to schedule your installation or repair during a fair-weather day. This is because even when you are only going to do a maintenance check on your aerial TV antenna, it would still require someone to climb a high area such as the roof or a window. More so, it can get really tricky and unsafe if the antenna is going to be installed or something needs to be repaired in an existing one.

If you are going to install or check your antenna in the summer season, make sure that you are wearing comfortable and well-ventilated clothes so as not to suffer from heatstroke. It would also be best to prepare and bring with you the tools that you will need and make sure they are complete before climbing up. This will save you from coming up and down your ladder if you have forgotten a tool that you need or a part of the antenna.

On the other hand, if you are installing or checking your antenna during the winter season, make sure that you wear non-slippery shoes or boots and make sure that your ladder is properly set up to avoid falling or slipping. Making sure that your tools and antenna parts are complete before you climb up also applies to the winter season. But, do not even attempt to check or install antennas when it’s raining or when there is a hailstorm!

No matter what the season is, it is still best to hire a professional for the installation and maintenance of your cable TV antenna. First, professional technicians would know when is the best time to work on your antenna. Second, at first check, they would already know what needs to be done and what tools they need to bring for installations and repairs. Lastly, you don’t have to put yourself in danger because the professionals are going to do the job for you.

Sydney Cabling is a team of seasoned licensed technicians who can install or repair your cable TV antenna safely and efficiently, all year round. You can count on our team of experts to install, repair and maintain your antennas to be in top shape and receive the strongest signal possible.